Happy Easter

Well its Easter normally would be at the races would have been the Manchester to liverpool ultra on Good Friday always a great Race put on my the guys from ultra Gb and the South cheshire 10k on sunday another great event by our friends from South Cheshire 10k but of course because of covi we not doing anything like that. Im stuck indoors because of my immune system since my cancer I have to be careful its crap at best of times im trying to fill my time up with good things sorting my office leaning more photoshop skills etc trying to fill my time with good things. Wife going back back to work tommorow so i may have a hour on exercise bike.

Hope all you guys are good keeping safe cant wait to see you guys again when we all clear and good u dont appreciate the simple things in life friendship, sport and company until its gone hope we never have to live through anything like this again

best Wishes


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